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Are you stuck in some aspect of life? Is something not working and you want life to be different? Imagine a future where you experience the freedom to do what you struggle to do now. Seeking help in the hard times is the bravest and wisest investment you can make. Counseling isn’t for the weird or the crazy but for normal people dealing with the craziness of life.

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Life is hard for all of us and it’s completely normal to sometimes need help. We know it takes a lot of courage just to be on this site. We are honored you are here. Please know that 1) you are among friends here because we all struggle with something and 2) help is available!  This website is a great place to start.  Check out the resources page, browse the counseling blog, learn about the counseling process, and discover more about us.  You will find a lot of help and information here.

Our prayer is that you will find this website full of helpful, gospel-centered content that will bring you hope for a future of freedom.  Life is hard for all of us and pain is incredibly real. Yet, God isn’t finished and your story isn’t over. You can write a new story, starting today.  We can walk through the pain into hope and healing, together. If you are considering counseling and live in the Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen or the NorthTexas area, take the next step and contact us to set up an initial phone consultation.

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A snow globe helps us visualize how to settle the chaos. It is a common mindfulness practice.

A Mindfulness Approach to Christmas

How to Find Peace Amidst the Chaos of the Season using Mindfulness When I was younger, I remember the child-like awe I experienced when playing with a snow globe. It was exciting to shake it up and watch the snow settle.  The Christmas season, while joyous and exciting, comes with its own set of challenges …

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calming skills

Calming Skills

Feeling anxious? Want to learn calming skills? Not sure what to do? Anxiety can be a very miserable experience because of the physical process that goes along with it. Keep reading to learn why what you might have tried before doesn’t work and what can work. What Does Not Work and Why Often we think …

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Make the most of counseling

How to Get the Most Out of Counseling

Counseling is an investment. It’s an investment in you. An investment in the healing of present and past pain so it doesn’t continue to impact you in the same way. Counseling isn’t just another person to talk to but sitting with a highly trained person who is skilled to be fully present with you, fully attuned …

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Seeing a Counselor/Therapist? What’s Wrong with You?

You’re seeing a counselor/therapist? What’s wrong with you? I think this is the automatic thought most people have when we find out someone is seeing a counselor/therapist. Frequently this thought is accompanied by judgment. For those who decide to seek counseling, the shame and fear that comes with that predominant thought may contribute to many …

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anxiety relief

5 Anxiety Management Tips

Seeking anxiety management tips that really work? Tired of struggling? Worn-out and exhausted by anxiety and stress? Want something different? We all struggle with anxiety and stress on some level. Yet, some of us experience it at more intense levels. These anxiety management tips are the most frequent things I teach in my counseling practice. …

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Help! My Thoughts Won’t Stop!!

As a counselor, one of the common things people struggle with are what I call spinning or out of control thoughts.  The psychological term for this is rumination and we all struggle with this.  Usually we ruminate about a fear or worry.  We are worried and afraid, so we continually think about it to try and solve …

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