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This is one of my favorite word art pictures!  God is in the business of making something from nothing, life from death, beauty from ashes, and freedom for captives!  This brings me hope.  These websites can help you find information that God may use to start a new creation in your life.

Managing Overwhelming Emotions (Anxiety, Fear, Saddness)

Now Matters Now

Grief and Dealing with Loss:

Journey of Hope Grief Support


Love and Respect Ministries

How We Love

One Extraordinary Marriage

Domestic Violence Resources:

Domestic Violence Hotline

Is It My Fault?

Emotionally Destructive Relationships:

Leslie Vernick


Love and Respect Ministries

Kevin Leman

Screamfree Parenting

Love and Logic

How We Love Our Kids

For Singles:  Understanding the differences between men and women:

Love and Respect Now: Joy Eggerichs

Counseling Help:

Brene Brown: Overcoming shame with vulnerability

New Life Live: Lots of Christian Counseling Wisdom

Henry Cloud and John Townsend Help with Boundaries etc.

National Association of Christian Recovery

Graceful Growth by Juanita Ryan

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    • Valerie Lucien on September 19, 2019 at 10:51 pm

    I love your site already and I just stumbled upon it today. I’ve read several encouraging articles already and plan on visiting your site often to read more. Great list of resources of different websites to explore. I plan on checking out the ones that speak out to me
    Thanks for sharing your spiritual words of wisdom.

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