Oct 12

The Happiness Myth: Embracing The Power of Radical Acceptance

Are you happy? How much time do you spend thinking about happiness? Everyone seems to be chasing it. The pursuit of happiness is ingrained in Americans. Do you think happiness is an achievable, permanent state? I think a lot of us do. Most clients mention happiness as one of their goals for counseling. I hear a …

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Oct 03

Help I Feel Bad. Are Negative Emotions Really a Bad Thing?

Emotions get a bad wrap in our culture. Somehow we have decided that it is okay to accept some emotions while labeling others as negative or bad. In doing that we somehow communicate to ourselves and our kids that certain emotions are normal and others are abnormal. I can’t begin to tell you how many …

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Sep 26

The Parenting Teens Shift, Part 2-Changing How You Parent

Last week we talked about the unique challenges your teen is experiencing due to their brain development and stage of life. If you haven’t read it, please read part 1 before you go any further. Click here to read the part 1. This  week we are continuing to look at four more parenting shifts that help …

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Sep 20

The Parenting Teens Shift-Changing How You Parent

I’m going to spend the next two weeks talking about the parenting teens shift. No, that’s not the latest dance craze, nor is it a funny YouTube video gone viral. The parenting teen shift is the shift all us parents of teenagers have to make as we are thrust into the teen world. Over the …

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Aug 26

Struggling? Experiencing Trouble? Need A Very Present Help??

I’ve decided to write occasionally about thoughts God shows me during my personal Bible study time. This week I’ve been really thinking about Psalm 46:2. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” This is something I think we as Christians have a great intellectual understanding of but struggle to really …

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Aug 16

Small Steps to Big Change. Pushing Past the Overwhelm.

Do you want to make a big change in your life? Do you have a goal that seems so far off that you’re overwhelmed by the very thought of taking steps to reach it? So many of us don’t take steps to our goals because we are overwhelmed by change and all that it takes …

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Jul 11

Top 5 Things that Hurt a Marriage and the Top 7 Things that Help

We all want a better, closer marriage. Learn what you are doing that is damaging your relationship and how to make it better. Want to change your interaction patterns? Want to do something different? Take a minute to consider these things that that hurt and wound the marriage relationship. Then take a look at the …

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Jun 14

Criticism or Compassion?

Which do you prefer…criticism or compassion? Seems like an easy choice right? I mean…who would choose compassion over criticism? Criticism hurts, it arouses our defenses, and brings with it self-doubt and pain. So who would willingly choose criticism over compassion? No one right? Well, maybe not from other people but many choose criticism over compassion …

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May 31

Grief, A Vital Process For A Healthy Life

Loss. Death. Mourning. Sadness. All these words come to mind for many of us when we think of grief. Most of us associate grief with a big loss, like the death of someone we love. In America, there is an unspoken expectation that grief happen quickly or privately. We rally around people during crisis and …

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May 10

Guard Your Heart. A How-To Guide.

We hear this phrase a lot: guard your heart. What does this mean? Is guarding your heart a defensive maneuver meant to shield us from hurt? If that is true, does it mean isolating ourselves from others? Is it strictly for those that are dating? If it is about protection, that seems to contradict what God tells us …

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