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Counseling McKinney, TX

 Are you a stuck in some aspect of life? Is something not working and you want life to be different? Seeking help in the hard times is the bravest and wisest investment you can make. Counseling isn’t for the weird or the crazy but for normal people dealing with the craziness of life.

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, please click the colored words to link to articles specifically for you. Life is hard for all of us and it’s completely normal to sometimes need help. I know it takes a lot of courage just to be on this site looking for help. I am honored you are here. Please know that 1) you are among friends here because we all struggle with something and 2) help is available!  This website is a great place to start.  Check out the resources page, browse my counseling blog, learn about the counseling process, sign up to get free help to come to directly to your email, and learn more about me.  You will find a lot of help and information on a variety of topics.

 My prayer is that you will find this website full of helpful, gospel-centered content that will bring you hope.  Life is hard for all of us and pain is incredibly real. Yet, God isn’t finished and your story isn’t over. We can walk through the pain into hope and healing, together. If you think you might need counseling and live in the McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Plano, or the NorthTexas area, please take the next step and contact me to set up an initial phone consultation.

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Emotions Don't Define Us

Emotions Don’t Define Us: Reconsider Your View of Them

I’ve written quite a bit about emotions and their purpose for us. They give us information and they are wise friends who speak truth into us. Yet this morning I am reflecting on the idea that often we allow our emotions to define us. Emotions were never meant to define….that is a distortion we create …

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Anxiety and Philippians 4

Video Blog: Anxiety and Philippians 4, Reading it Differently

This week I am trying something new…a video blog….and now apparently a YouTube channel. Yikes! Not sure about this. It feels super vulnerable but I’m hoping it is a new way to share helpful content with you guys. Anxiety is something we all face and I am sure you’ve heard Philippians 4:6 and maybe you …

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Trying to Control Everything May Actually be Hurting You

Ladies, Trying to Control Everything Might Actually be Hurting You

Calling all busy moms and wives trying to do it all. Do you find yourself exhausted? Worn out? If your answer is yes, let me say. Stop, sit down, take a deep long slow breath in, hold it, then let it out. Take a few minutes to just be fully present in this moment. I …

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How to Get The Most Out of Counseling

How to Get the Most Out of Counseling

Counseling is an investment. It’s an investment in you. An investment in the healing of present and past pain so it doesn’t continue to impact you in the same way. Counseling isn’t just another person to talk to but sitting with a highly trained person who is skilled to be fully present with you, fully attuned …

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