Jun 13

Emotions Don’t Define Us: Reconsider Your View of Them

I’ve written quite a bit about emotions and their purpose for us. They give us information and they are wise friends who speak truth into us. Yet this morning I am reflecting on the idea that often we allow our emotions to define us. Emotions were never meant to define….that is a distortion we create …

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Apr 03

Video Blog: Anxiety and Philippians 4, Reading it Differently

This week I am trying something new…a video blog….and now apparently a YouTube channel. Yikes! Not sure about this. It feels super vulnerable but I’m hoping it is a new way to share helpful content with you guys. Anxiety is something we all face and I am sure you’ve heard Philippians 4:6 and maybe you …

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Mar 21

Ladies, Trying to Control Everything Might Actually be Hurting You

Calling all busy moms and wives trying to do it all. Do you find yourself exhausted? Worn out? If your answer is yes, let me say. Stop, sit down, take a deep long slow breath in, hold it, then let it out. Take a few minutes to just be fully present in this moment. I …

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Mar 01

How to Get the Most Out of Counseling

Counseling is an investment. It’s an investment in you. An investment in the healing of present and past pain so it doesn’t continue to impact you in the same way. Counseling isn’t just another person to talk to but sitting with a highly trained person who is skilled to be fully present with you, fully attuned …

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Feb 07

Wanting an Instant Fix: How Our Instant-Upload Culture has Distorted Our Perspective on Change

Instant fix. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Isn’t that what we’ve come to expect….a instant quick fix. I wonder if we have the right view of change? That may sound like a silly question. But seriously, how long do you think real life change takes? You see I’m wondering if we have unrealistic expectations when it …

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Jan 09

The Troubled Journey: A Parable of Life, Obstacles, and Hope

This week I am excited to share a parable written by my son.  It’s an amazing picture of what I’ve observed personally in my own life and as a counselor who sits with many people on a troubled journey. There was once a person, who sat, troubled. For this person had been on a journey, …

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Dec 06

Peace, Rest, and Joy are the Gifts You Really Want

I’ve written several Christmas blog posts over the last few years. All have been geared to help us (women in particular) eliminate stress this time of year by letting go of the idea of a perfect Christmas. To read them click here (The Not Perfect Christmas and  Hope for the Holidays) This year, I’ve been thinking …

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Nov 02

Parenting Struggles? Master the Art of Understanding

We all want be heard, seen, valued, and understood for who we really are. We desire unconditional love and acceptance. This isn’t debatable. We all recognize this desire, right? Isn’t this behind all the fairy tale romance stories and the cry for tolerance? See me, know me, love me, warts and all. Maybe we focus …

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Oct 30

Seeing a Counselor/Therapist? What’s Wrong with You?

You’re seeing a counselor/therapist? What’s wrong with you? I think this is the automatic thought most people have when we find out someone is seeing a counselor/therapist. Frequently this thought is accompanied by judgment. For those who decide to seek counseling, the shame and fear that comes with that predominant thought may contribute to many …

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Oct 25

Broken is NOT Worthless

  Super excited this week to share with you a blog written by my sweet friend and fellow CCA counselor, Allison Hutson. It’s a tremendous blog!! Allison is joining me out at our McKinney location and is currently scheduling clients. She is the counselor, I send all my friends to. Her blogs and social media …

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